The Humble Story of Dorian Inside

A durian love story : Dorian-Inside

Dorian-Inside, is the pecious brainchild of Mr Owen Poh Choon Ho, founder of Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd who is an avid durian lover himself. One of his favourite adventure is questing for the best quality durian in Malaysia, when the season arrives. To him, nothing beats the aroma, texture and the lingering flavour of a premium quality durian. After years of pursuing delectable durians, at last, he found his one true love, the Musang King. With yellow flesh of smooth custard, a lingering aroma to yearn for and a unique tantalising flavour that one cannot forget, Mr Owen has found one true love amongst the other good durians.

From that day on, Mr Owen becomes obsess with the Musang King Durian. His love for the Musang King Durian has no boundaries causing him to think of ways to share the goodness of this fruit to everyone he knows, within or even out of Malaysia. His only problem is how to salvage the original aroma, flavour and nutritional benefits of the Musang King Durian as they deteriorate fast upon harvesting.

So for days, and nights, Mr Owen worked on creating a product that can showcase the amazing value of the Musang King Durian that no one else has ever make. Inspired by the method of making “tempoyak”, a traditional delicacy from fermented durian pulp, Mr Owen concocted the idea-pure undistilled Musang King Durian liqueur. He named his creation the Dorian-Inside!

At first, Dorian-Inside received mixed opinions and feedbacks from amongst his friends and close associates. Mr Owen never given up but instead became more motivated and persisted to perfect his creation. Finally on June 2017, the first batch of premium Musang King Durian liqueur is produce, ready to entice the world and change minds of durian haters!

Day by day, Dorian-Inside made its steps to achieve milestones of recognition. Not long after Dorian-Inside was born, Mr Owens company, Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd was invited to participate in various events and exhibitions both locally and in China, for the public to learn of its goodness. With Musang King being the hype and craze of durian lovers in the world, especially in China, Dorian-Inside was very quickly ushered into the limelight. In a short time, Dorian-Inside was presented the China’s CIQ certification, which is an important passport to penetrate into China’s market.

The next meaningful milestone for Dorian-Inside occurred when it got listed in the Malaysia Book of Records on 10th September 2018. Dorian-Inside is the first commercial durian liqueur in the world. This glorious ceremony was witnessed by Yang Berhormat Tuan Nga Kor Ming, Dewan Rakyat’s Deputy Speaker during the launching of Dorian-Inside in Taiping, Perak. So finally, Dorian-Inside is a proud product of Malaysia! Today, more than 30,000 bottles of Dorian-Inside are sold in just Malaysia and China!

With all the stripes earned, what’s next for Mr Owen and Dorian-Inside?
Continuous research and development to seek ways to improve and enhance the goodness of this bottle of Musang King liqueur and then to penetrate into markets across and beyond Asia, carrying the identity of Malaysia’s first 100% pure and premium Musang King Durian liqueur!
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