Recently, the Musang King Durian or also known as clone D 197, has become the talk of the town whenever the durian season arrives. Many spent hours or even days just to look for the most authentic and superior grade of this Musang King Durian. Some durian lovers are even willing to pay to learn about the actual characteristics of the Musang King Durian to avoid being cheated by durian sellers. This superior cultivar is said to have light green husk with flesh of golden yellow with an aroma so enticing and a flavour that lingers, making durian lovers longed for more. Its bitter sweet taste is of a perfect balance that one can never have enough of the Musang King Durian until they had too much or burn a hole in their pocket. Hunting for the best Musang King Durian is indeed an adventure during the durian season here!


For durian farmers, the Musang King Durian which is the authentic durian cultivar of Malaysia is a prized gem and hope. The Musang King Durian or clone D197 is the only cultivar that can ascertain their future income. In 2016, 1 kg of this premium Musang King Durian fetched about RM 40 and by 2017, the price has escalated to RM120 for local market alone all thanks to the never ending demands from consumers. With exposure and introduction of D 197 to the world via promotions and exhibitions by local selected representatives, countries with durian enthusiasts like China are willing to pay up to RM 300 per kg of the Musang King Durian. For them, the delectable texture, aroma and flavour of the Musang King Durian is absolutely unique and unbeatable by any durian cultivar in the world. With such high demand and return, planting Musang King Durian trees in place of common durian trees sounds more lucrative to the farmers.

Not only that, local agricultural agencies are also providing assistance in terms of knowledge, planting methodologies, seeds and materials to prospective Musang King Durian farmers, to help them reap what the sow after all the effort. Furthermore, planting of Musang King Durian trees is almost viable in any general field in Malaysia. With the correct measures taken, the Musang King Durian tree is said to bear fruits as early as 30 months as compared to common durian trees with will take up 5-7 years. This means, it won’t take long before Musang King Durian farmers can earn their profit after all the hard work.


With more the exposure of the D 197 cultivar or the Musang King Durian to the world’s market, total durian export from Malaysia to countries such as China, Singapore etc. which worth RM 64.89 million in 2015 went up to RM 74.39 million in 2016. This make Malaysia one of the major player in world’s durian export thanks to the contribution of superior quality durian such as the Musang King cultivar. This numbers are expected to be on the hike in the future as the demand for premium Musang King Durian is still increasing. Just in 2017, about 23700 hectares (36%) of durian orchards in Malaysia has been planted with Musang King Durian trees as a mean to meet the demand for the Musang King Durian both locally and internationally. With the expected approval from China to export Musang King Durian fruit as a whole into the country by 2019, the Musang King Durian business is said to boom for many years to come.


As Musang King Durian is being lauded for its superior aroma, flavour and texture, Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd did not wait too long to launched its premium durian liqueur, the Dorian-Inside in 2017. Dorian-Inside, which was enlisted in the Malaysia Book of Records on 10th September 2018, uses only 100% premium Musang King Durian flesh from selected vintage trees. With the original Musang King Durian pulp in the concoction and the tantalizing liqueur from the natural fermentation of the Musang King Durian, Dorian-Inside was ushered into the limelight in no time, alongside with the Musang King Durian. As China is one of the biggest importer of Musang King Durian, Dorian-Inside was also being accepted and welcomed warmly by the Chinese when introduced via exhibitions and fairs. Dorian-Inside achieved its milestone when it was presented China’s CIQ certification, an essential pass to flourish in China’s market.

To date, more than 150,000 bottles of Dorian-Inside are sold in just Malaysia and China alone! Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd strongly believes that Dorian-Inside will be able to penetrate the world’s alcoholic beverage market in the near future as the heritage and pride of Malaysia.

Malaysia Official Musang King Durian Liqueur | Musang King the Indegenous Durian of Malaysia