Durian Liqueur vs Cancer

The latest alcoholic beverage: DORIAN-INSIDE

Dorian-Inside, the latest hip alcoholic beverage, is made of 100% pure undistilled Musang King Durian liqueur. Developed by Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd, Dorian-Inside is brewed using only natural biochemical reactions with no added preservatives, flavours or colourings. Not only that, the alcohol and sulfur content are kept low due to their meticulous controlled natural fermentation process using the latest patented technology.

Every bottle of Dorian-Inside is prepared in the most hygienic method and is certified to be free from harmful chemicals and microorganisms. Rigorous test proved that Dorian-Inside retains most of the original nutritional benefit of the premium Musang King Durian flesh.

Can durian liqueur prevent cancer?

Experts agree that occasional glass of red wine may actually prevent cancer due to its antioxidant content. Up till now, little has been mentioned about potential cancer combatting properties of pure undistilled durian liqueur. However, based on studies and reports, the durian flesh is proven to contain a high amount of antioxidants such as polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids, ascorbic acids and vitamin A which is very potent in preventing cancer. These powerful compounds in durian work best hand-in-hand, making durian one of the most nutritious fruit in the world.

How will antioxidant stop cancer?

  • Antioxidants will react with a very unstable by-product from our body natural biochemical reactions, called the free radicals.
  • Free radicals are also caused by environmental factors such as pollution, tobacco smoke pesticides etc. that is around us daily.
  • Free radicals cause oxidative stress to our body cells, damaging their DNA. When the DNA of cells are damage, they mutate into cancer cells.
  • With the presence of antioxidants, these free radicals can be stabilised when they react with antioxidants instead.
  • Stabilised free radicals will not attack normal cells and turning them cancerous. A normal cell becomes cancerous when they continue to multiply at a high rate and without regulation.
  • This in turn causes formation of tumours which are malignant.

Can we start drinking durian liqueur regularly?

Yes but in a moderate amount. Just like any alcoholic beverages, durian liqueur such as Dorian-Inside has a certain alcohol level, in this case 18%. It is advisable that durian liqueur enthusiast should only consume it sparingly for health benefit. A low amount of alcohol in blood is known to promote blood circulation and allow the heart to work better. However binge drinking stresses up the entire body systems leading detrimental effects such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke or even cancer.

Durian liqueur such as Dorian-Inside is considered as very nutritious since all the goodness comes from 100% premium Musang King Durian flesh.

Like any other rich and nutritious food, over-consumption leads to numerous health issues in the long run.

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