Durian Liqueur An Alternative Tonic for Confinement

What is postpartum confinement?

Postpartum confinement is a system of postnatal care that is practised by women right after childbirth. The strict set of measures aim to help new mothers recuperate and heal from pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

These practices also allow new mothers to regain their physical, mental and emotional strength while embarking into motherhood.

Are all postpartum confinement in Malaysia the same?

In Malaysia, different ethnic communities have their respective confinement practices, beliefs and taboos, which are often inherited from generations before. For example, postpartum confinement practices in the Chinese community, also known as zuo yuezi (sitting the month), focuses on restoration of the mother’s qi (energy from yin and yang) from nourishing diet, herbs, alcohol and convalescence whereas the Malay community emphasizes on usage of heat, herbs and traditional massages. As for the Indian community, traditional Ayurvedic massages and herbal bath are commonly practiced to heal wound and shrink the uterus.

What are the similarities among the postpartum confinement practices in Malaysia?

Postpartum confinement practices in Malaysia which extend between 26 days up to 40 days, generally focuses on using of heat and keeping the body system warm. Most mothers, regardless of the ethnic background claim that traditional TCM practices help improve blood circulation, lactation, strengthening of pelvic floors and provide calming effect. Some mothers also mentioned that adhering to such measures allow them to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight in a shorter time. Apart from the cultural rituals, general postpartum confinement diet also highlights many nutritious dishes which are pack with protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and calcium to benefit both mother and the newborn.

Can durian liqueur be an alternative confinement tonic?

Undistilled Musang King Durian liqueur such as Dorian-Inside is known to carry all the benefits and goodness of the Musang King Durian flesh as well as natural alcohol fermented from the pulp. It has been proven that durian indeed is one of the richest and most nutritious fruit existed. The benefits of the durian flesh can be summarised in the table below:

  • High amount of folate Folate is essential for production of haemoglobin. Together with the traces of iron content in durian more haemoglobin can be made to prevent anaemia is new mothers.
  • Calcium and potassium The calcium and potassium in durian allow development of healthy strong bones and teeth in the baby as well as preventing osteomalacia (soft bones) in breast-feeding mothers.
  • Amino acids Amino acids are essential building blocks of protein which is used to repair and regenerate body tissues after labour. When the protein is passed on to baby via breastfeeding it helps promote growth. Amino acid Tryptophan which is found abundantly in durian helps promote the level of serotonin and melatonin. These hormones help to induce sleep relieve stress anxiety and postpartum depression of new mothers during confinement period.
  • Vitamin-C; Vitamin-B Complex and Vitamin E These vitamins function powerful antioxidants to battle against free radicals promote good immune system and fight off cancerous cells.
  • Dietary fibre Durian is also rich in dietary fibre. Consumption of a limited amount of durian is sufficient to aid bowel movement hence prevent constipation during confinement period. Fibre also helps remove bad cholesterol (LDL) which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

How is Dorian-Inside an ideal concoction for postpartum confinement?

Dorian-Inside, the 100% pure undistilled Musang King Durian liqueur by Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd, retains the original rich nutritional value of the premium Musang King Durian flesh. The natural alcohol from the fermentation of the Musang King Durian pulp helps elevate blood flow without stressing the heart too much. Dorian-Inside is also prepared in the most hygienic method and certified to be free from harmful chemicals and microorganisms.

With regards to the premium quality of Dorian-Inside, it definitely deserve to be included as a supplementary tonic for postpartum confinement period. Dorian-Inside, with all the benefits of the premium Musang King Durian and also natural alcohol promote blood circulation and recovery. Dorian-Inside is definitely a concoction that can kill two birds with one stone!

Dorian-Inside, consumed at the right amount at the right time can be a delicious tonic for recovering new mothers!
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