Dorian Inside, The Pride of Malaysia

Founded in 2016, Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd aspires to produce and develop alcoholic beverages from unique tropical fruits, native to Malaysia. With that in mind, countless of attempts were made tirelessly on various Malaysian tropical fruits to formulate the most delectable alcoholic concoction that carries the country’s heritage and pride. At last, with all blood, sweat and tears, Dorian-Inside was created.

The very first undistilled durian liqueur using 100% flesh of the prized Musang King Durian from best vintage trees.

With more improvement and enhancement made, Dorian-Inside was perfected for its texture, flavour, aroma and nutritional benefits.

So in June 2017, Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd launched its first batch of undistilled premium Musang King Durian liqueur, ready to entice the world and change minds of durian haters!

So why Dorian-Inside deserves to be Malaysia’s pride?

Upon the creation of Dorian-Inside, Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd was invited to participate in various events and exhibitions both locally and in China, for the public to have a share of its goodness. With Musang King Durian being the hype and craze of durian lovers in the world, especially in China, Dorian-Inside was very quickly ushered into the limelight. Owing to that, Dorian-Inside managed to secure the China’s CIQ certification, which is an important passport to penetrate into China’s market.

To date, there are more than 150,000 bottles of Dorian-Inside sold, just in Malaysia and China alone!

The next milestone arrived when Dorian-Inside was listed in the Malaysia Book of Records on 10th September 2018, to be the first commercial durian liqueur. The glorious ceremony was witnessed by Yang Berhormat Tuan Nga Kor Ming, Dewan Rakyat’s Deputy Speaker, during the launch of Dorian-Inside in Taiping, Perak.

In such a short period of time, Dorian-Inside sure earn its stripes!

What more to be proud of?

Production of Dorian-Inside also boast a close collaboration between local Musang King Durian orchardist with the procurement and production team.

With trust and good teamwork, a steady supply of high quality Musang King Durians from the best vintage trees is ensured, even during bumper seasons when orders increased by folds.

Dorian-Inside offers an alternative business venture for Musang King Durian orchardist in Raub and Bentong to prevent wastage, shall there be over-supply of Musang King Durians that season. This is an important measure to help maintain the global market price of Musang King Durians.

Moreover, Dorian-Inside production strictly emphasizes on sustainable harvesting and orchard management whereby only orchardists who adhere to the Environmental Law of Malaysia are selected to be the suppliers of the Musang King Durian.

Not only that, production of Dorian-Inside was also inspired by the traditional fermentation of ripe durian flesh by the locals to make a delicacy known as “tempoyak”. With the best Musang King Durian flesh as the main ingredient, this premium durian liqueur can be country’s ambassador to introduce and promote our traditional ways as well as national food heritage which in turn can help boost the country’s tourism sector.

As Dorian-Inside vows to harness the aroma, texture, flavour, and all nutritional benefits of the premium Musang King Durian, continuous robust research and development is paramount to maintain the consistent quality of every bottle, even when they are shipped overseas for the world’s eager connoisseurs to have a little taste of this brilliant drink. As for now, Dorian-Inside production follows strict environmental laws, Customs regulations and licensing requirements which further highlight its premium standard and food safety level.

Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd has worked with renowned biotechnologists and food scientists in developing the latest patented technology and methodology to produce the exquisitely smooth blend of Musang King Durian liqueur which gives a longing and lingering taste yet does not tarnish the original nutritional goodness of the Musang King Durian pulp.

Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd indeed took much endeavour to fortify the value and worth of its creation, the Dorian-Inside Musang King Durian Liqueur. Dorian-Inside definitely deserves to be Malaysia’s pride!

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