Since Dorian-Inside can be consumed by new mothers, so is it safe for mothers-to-be?

Its alcohol content is 18% afterall! Before debating over the matter, let’s take a look at the nutritional benefits that Dorian-Inside holds for mothers-to-be

Dorian-Inside, the latest fad among durian enthusiasts is made of 100% original Musang King Durian pulp. This pure, and natural undistilled durian liqueur by was developed Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd with an inspiration from a traditional delicacy called “tempoyak”. Rigorous test has proven that Dorian-Inside retains the original rich nutritional value of the premium Musang King Durian flesh as well as being free from harmful chemicals and microorganisms.

The natural alcohol from the fermentation of the Musang King Durian pulp helps elevate blood flow without stressing the heart too much. It has also been said that Dorian-Inside is suitable to be used as an alternative tonic for women
during confinement due to the warming effect and all its nutritional benefits.

Nutritional Benefits of Dorian-Inside

1 Dorian-Inside contains high iron which can prevent anaemia in pregnant women. Anaemia causes abnormality and foetal death.

2 The folate or folic acid from the natural Musang King Durian pulp helps in normal development of foetal brain and spinal cord.

3 Potassium and magnesium content in Dorian-Inside reduce muscle cramps in pregnant mothers.

4 High fibre content due to durian pulp prevent constipation that leads to haemorrhoids.

5 Calcium pairing with potassium ensures proper distribution and deposition of calcium in bones to promote development of strong teeth and bones in foetus as well as preventing mother’s bones from getting soft.

6 Durian, being high in protein, promotes tissue formation which contributes to the growth and development of foetus.

7 The carbohydrate content is a good source of energy for mothers-to-be.

Now the downside of Dorian-Inside due to its 18% alcohol content.

Some studies suggest that alcohol leads to preterm birth, lower birth weight and even stillbirth. Sometimes, surviving foetus may suffer from birth defects and malformation. Researchers linked these problems to the disruption of folic acid absorption caused by alcohol. Apart from that, many also deemed that alcohol causes foetal alcohol syndrome in the child. This is characterised by mental retardation, behaviour and psychosocial issues such as short attention span, less receptive to language and lower visual and motor skills.

We all know that alcohol passes through the placenta from mother to foetus. But do you know that the quantity of alcohol reaching the foetus is the same as the quantity consumed by the mother?


Based on a few researches done, it is agreeable that a small amount of alcohol intake WILL NOT harm the foetus. Let’s check out the reports on this matter:

1992 A group of Canadian researchers found out that moderate alcohol intake (less than 10ml of pure alcohol a week) does not disrupt foetal growth in the womb.
2002 A study from Denmark shows that stillbirth risk is higher if pregnant mother consumed more than 5 drinks per week. Moderate to low alcohol intake pose no mortality risk. Stillbirth is strongly associated to foetal placental dysfunction.

Another report from Denmark stated that low to moderate alcohol consumption increases the risk of spontaneous abortion only in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy due to higher susceptibility to alcohol exposure in babies.

However, low to moderate alcohol consumption in later pregnancy is not associated to stillbirth or spontaneous abortion. Hence they strongly encourage alcohol abstinence in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

2014 Researches from the UK explained that only more than 2 units (exceeding 20ml) of alcohol per week in the first trimester increases the risk of getting low-weight baby.

Based on so many researches done, we can safely conclude that low consumption of Dorian-Inside, the premium Musang King Durian liqueur is SAFE for mothers-to-be.

Not only that, the natural and original nutritional benefits of the original Musang King Durian flesh can enhance and boost the mother’s and the baby’s wellbeing.

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