Dorian-Inside for Beauty

Ageless beauty has been the goal and dream of women from around the globe. The total cosmetic market in Asia Pacific alone, has already amount to 34.7% of the world’s cosmetic market and is forecasted to hike up to a value of USD 186.24 billion in 2020. Japan is currently the leading country followed by China and India who are showing robust growth. South Korea emerge as the centre with the highest cosmetics innovation. Such surge of figures in cosmetic markets for Asia Pacific region is contributed by factors such as growing population size, increase in urbanization and disposable income as well as inclination for better physical appearance.

In fact many women today will not hesitate to even go under the knife for an improved outlook.


You are what you eat, there goes the saying which cannot be any less true. Good diet habits with an active lifestyle are proven to be the simplest ways in achieving ageless beauty and a fit body. However, for some, supplements and tonics can be extra help to boost their health. The best supplements for the body are those manufactured using natural and pure ingredients with least additives or complex processing methodologies.

Introducing to you,

Dorian-Inside, the delectable Musang King Durian liqueur, made of 100% natural and pure premium Musang King pulp is the new hype of the market!

This elegant bottle of pure Musang King Durian liqueur was developed by Tropical Wine Sdn Bhd using the natural fermentation method under strict and regulated patented methodologies to ensure purity, safety and hygiene. Using their meticulous preparation processes, Dorian-Inside has successfully retained all the original nutritional benefit of a premium Musang King Durian flesh that can be very helpful for your youthful skin.

Durian power for beauty

As Dorian-Inside contains a high amount of natural Musang King Durian pulp, its consumer can enjoy all the health benefits of a durian.

What are the benefits you say? Take a look below!

1 Durian is high in antioxidants from polyphenols and vitamin C which can combat free radicals. Free radicals from biochemical reactions in the body can react with cells of the skin, further deteriorating the skin texture and colour. Antioxidants are also responsible in preventing skin inflammation, which is a factor to aging skin.

2 Durian also has high water and good lipid content which is crucial to allow skin to appear glowy and dewy. Good lipids lock the moisture in the skin tissues thus prevent formation of fine lines on skin.

3 Durian is able to improve skin collagen and elastin which help in skin regeneration hence allowing dead skin to be replaced at a high rate. This ascertain skin to be supple and youthful without looking saggy and drooping.

4 Durian contains the amino acid tryptophan which promotes good sleep and reduces anxiety. A tired skin from lack of good sleep and stress can cause skin to age quicker due to more oxidative stress which produces more free radicals.

Dorian-Inside for a more beautiful you

As mentioned, Dorian-Inside the 100% natural Musang King Durian liqueur contains a good amount of naturally fermented alcohol. Moderate alcohol consumption promotes blood flow without stressing the heart.

With good blood flow, all the crucial nutrients from the Musang King Durian pulp can be transported to skin cells at a higher rate to further nourish them. When skin cells get sufficient goodness, your beauty and youth remains!

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